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This is Sarah, she is a grey squirrel in Virginia, USA. (Jennifer Willis.)
A common misconception in the UK, Grey Squirrel versus Red Squirrel: The misconception is that some people think that the Red Squirrel is dying out totally because of the Grey. This is untrue. The Red began to die out long before the Grey was introduced (by Man!) into the UK, in the late 19th Century. This is because much of their habitat has been taken away from them, plus there is a disease called Parapoxvirus which is deadly and can wipe out entire populations of Red Squirrels. The Grey Squirrel can carry this disease, without being affected. Plus, the Grey can adapt to many kinds of habitats whereas the Red cannot. Therefore, the decline of the Red Squirrel within the last 100 years or so, is caused by Man's ignorance and stupidity of introducing an alien species!
This is Bozo. He is a dominant male Grey Squirrel in Virginia, USA. Bozo feeds from my feeder regularly. Bozo is a Red and Grey Squirrel mix. He has the typical red hairs on the ears. He is also the only squirrel in our area with these markings.
This is Brownie. She was a beautiful and dominant female Grey Squirrel in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, UK.  She lived in a churchyard in the center of town. Very sadly, in August 2001 she lost her life....but she had lived well into her TENTH year!!!! She was so unique, very tame, and quite unlike a "normal" grey squirrel!
This is Baby Snowy! She was my first true rare Albino baby squirrel, and was found only around the corner from where I live, in April, 2001!  Her brothers and sisters were all the normal grey colour,and sadly, because she was an exeption, she was pushed out and starved of vital milk feeding from her mother. I tried very hard to save her. (David G. Hall, UK.)
Baby Snowy
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