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The Bat! Yes, people cringe when they hear the name! Bats really aren't bad at all, some people even consider them cute! If we did not have bats, we would be over run with dreadful bugs! (Mosquitos, Moths, Crickets, and lots of other flying bugs.)
Bats are the ultimate backyard preditor. They can eat up to 600 mosquitos in one hour!
This is a bat fossil. You can see all of the bones.
This is a live baby Bat clinging to a human's hand. Bats are the only actual flying mammals.
This Bat will lead you to "The Bat Cave!" A site where you may learn more about Bat behaviour.
These are stamps honoring The Bat
This is a bat tattoo. People even have them inked into their skin as a symbol of life.
These are Fruit Bats hanging from the ceiling of a hut on a tropical island.
Tell me...when you think of Bats, are you thinking of blood sucking vampires? Do you dream of them flying in from Transylvania, and apearing in your window sill as some handsome God like man, waiting to lean over you and drain you of all human life! You beg him to stop and he sinks his fangs in deeper as your blood rushes out of it's veins and into his mouth. You then become one of the undead! You are now a living travisty!
Well! It isn't like that at all...there are such things as Vampire Bats, and they DO suck blood. But all of the junk you have seen in the movies is not true. I will let you in on a secret....
People like the thought of becoming one with the undead, as you will then live forever. It is a fantasy. But, Vampire Bats are real. Below you will find some information about different kinds of BATS, and their benefits to humans.
Bats do hang upside down
They cling from trees or the walls of caves.
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Bats of the UK
Here is a picture of a true Vampire Bat.
They actually do suck blood to survive. They don't however, suck the blood of humans, not intentionally. They drink the blood of animals, mostly cows and other animals which stand still in the evening.
Come Visit...BATS!
The Romanticisim of Dracula, brings out the myth.
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VLAD TEPES: The impaler (1431-1476)
He is the TRUE Dracula...
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To glide through the night,
Silent and out of site.
Searching for food,
A Moth or a Cricket will do.
Asleep by day,
On the hunt by night for prey.
Without Bats,
Our world would be a dreadful
written by: Jennifer Willis 2002
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