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Misunderstood Critters:  Links to other Sites
Misunderstood Critters:  Links to other Sites
BAN The Hunt UK
All about the barbaric cruelty of fox hunting, inflicted on foxes in the UK. [by John Murphy.]
Jen's Squirrel Page 1
All of Jen's squirrel friends, are on these pages, including the latest Winter Babies. [by Jennifer Willis.]
Page 2
Nocturnals Web
This website is dedicated to The Nocturnals (1994 ongoing), from the organization - Foxwatch & Squirrel Support. [by David and Michael Hall.]
Cute-Little-Critters (Part 1)
A website that features a lot of close-up photos of chipmunks and squirrels - links to Misunderstood Critters. [by David Hall.]
Willows Animal Sanctuary
A Registered Charity, in the North of Scotland - home to over 300 rescued domestic, farm, and wild animals . [by Lucy Burnett.]
Squirrels R Us!
A site devoted entirely to squirrels - with its own WebRing, on which our squirrel pages can be found! [by Christy Hargrove.]
The Squirrel Lovers' Club
The Squirrel Lovers' Club is an international organization, with currently over 1500 members! [by Gregg Bassett.]
Squirrel Wildlife Rehabilitation
This site is very informative, with a lot of very useful advice on what to do if you find an injured/ orphaned squirrel. [by Pam Spragins.]
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Hogarth's (Spikey's) Hedgehog Rescue
Very useful site with information and advice on what to do if you find a sick, injured, orphaned or abandoned wild hedgehog or family of hedgehogs in need of help. [edited by David G. Hall.]
The Squirrel Store
This site is very useful, with lots of items available for squirrels and their care (e.g. excellent nesting boxes, housing, cages, food and lots more!) and also information about pet squirrels.