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Tiny - August, 1996
Now, I will admit to having a favourite - and this is her - Tiny!  I adored her, I think it was because she was my first female, who I got in early-June 1993.  She lived to be 6 years old, and in early 1999, I was devastated when she died.  All her life she never once had to be seen by a vet, she was so healthy, and then a sudden illness took her life! 
Here in this photo, taken in late-August 1996, she was swishing her tail from side to side, in a snake-like manner - chipmunks are very expressive with their tails, like tree squirrels.  They swish their tails like this when cautious of an object they don't recognise.  Tiny sees a piece of orange-peel, that she is wary of!, as you can see in this photo - a classic moment captured!
Aurelius and Tiny - August, 1996
Feeding time! - photo from August, 1996
Left photo:  Aurelius at a young age, with Tiny, late-August, 1996.
Right photo:  Some young chipmunks of that year (Jessy's and Gudly's babies), with Tiny - she is top-right of this photo. Some of these young are shown elsewhere, grown-up!